Clean Tech Company GoSun Launches New GoSun Grid

Cooking, Refrigeration, Water, and More: Open Ecosystem of Appliances Designed for Efficiency and Self-Reliance

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CINCINNATI - May 4, 2022 - GoSun ( creator of solar appliances that help people live with more independence and resilience, today introduces its latest product, the GoSun Grid.

Designed to maximize versatility and compatibility and unlike many other offerings, the GoSun Grid is an open ecosystem: all of the appliances run on 12 volts, the most common port in the world. Additionally, many of the appliances are also able to run on solar, grid power, and via USB. During power outages, the devices can be powered by solar and power banks. 

“The new GoSun Grid is a micro-grid of 30 products that work in unison for self-reliance. Our time in the field guided us to making the most efficient appliances possible, so you only need a small amount of energy to get the job done in the first place,” said Patrick Sherwin, CEO of GoSun. 

The following is an overview of the GoSun Grid and how each category supports self-reliance and efficiency:


GoSun’s top selling portable refrigerators, the Chill and Chillest, have onboard compressors that only draw 40 watts of power when cooling is needed. Both GoSun coolers come with their own battery so they can run independently and be completely mobile. 


GoSun’s most remarkable products are vacuum-insulated solar ovens that make meals from sunlight, as well as being able to cook with any 12 volt battery. From backpack to BBQ, GoSun’s solar cookers are available in a range of sizes: the Go, original Sport, and the impressive 150-watt Fusion that can cook a meal for a whole family.


Clean drinking water is critical, and the GoSun Flow water system can purify water from any source. With the push of a button, a two watt USB powered pump moves water from the source through a filter and into a drinking vessel, storage bottle, and the system can be used as a kitchen sink and a shower. ​ 


Stay energized with GoSun’s all-in-one coffee brewing travel mug and French press. Add up to 14 ounces of water, plug in the 130 watt heater, then add coffee or tea and your fresh, hot beverage is ready to go anywhere.


Be ready for power outages, set the mood at the campsite or light up a workspace with GoSun’s full range of solar/battery lighting solutions. 


Staying warm without a fire can be difficult, so GoSun developed a heated blanket to get comfy while you work, play, or rest.


Packed with energy and ports, GoSun’s power banks run the brand’s appliances when they aren't running directly on solar power. The power banks come in a range of sizes depending on how long you're staying off-grid, and are named for the watt hours stored when fully charged. To re-charge the power banks, simply use AC power or 12 Volt.


The GoSun Grid has a ​ wide range of solar charging solutions that range in size to match your energy needs. Keeping the Go in GoSun, everything is designed for portability and durability to help you have more resilience and independence. ​ 


With all this fun in the sun, things can heat up and when they do, GoSun has a high power fan to push out the sweaty, dog days of summer, helping you stay cool, naturally can run inside or outside and is completely portable.

So there you have it, portable power for the people. Versatile, compatible and complete, we invite you to start building your GoSun Grid

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About GoSun

Founded in 2016, GoSun makes solar consumer products for recreation, disaster relief, off-grid independence & resilience. The Cincinnati-based company has broken into mainstream markets centered on enjoying power, food, and drink while outdoors. GoSun’s breakthrough solar-powered technologies can cook, cool, light, power your electronics and now purify and deliver water. These affordable products are all portable, more efficient, and free of harmful carbon emissions. Visit for more information.

Affiliate Partners: Avantlink / Skimlinks / Viglink